Extension to Harvest

My last post about the end of insurance may have gotten you a little nervous.  It is November 12 and we are getting snow, it is freezing and thawing and we still have a crop in the field.  Past month we have experienced above average precipitation.  It is tough to get in there and harvest without tearing up the field and your machinery.

This is not a typical year.  We have experienced extreme drought and now we are well above our average in rainfall.  When we make it to December the RMA and the Insurance Providers will be communicating about a possible approval to extend the harvest making it possible for you to still have coverage and be able to harvest your crop when the conditions make it possible.

The difference between being able to have an extension to harvest and the end of the insurance period is whether or not you can actually get to your crop to harvest.  If your field has the right conditions for harvesting the crop and you decide to go on vacation instead of harvesting, then that is when appraisal documents will take precedent over actual production.  If you are practicing “good farming practices” then rest assured, your provider will give you every chance possible to harvest your crop and have coverage.


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