Spring Planting 2019

While many have been able to push through all hours of the night this spring to get corn or beans planted during our small windows of planting opportunity, some are still working on getting planted. The regular season planting dates for soybeans and grain sorghum will be closing soon in central Kansas. Which will push some farmers to decide if they will need to turn in a prevented plant claim to their insurance agent. At this point in the game it is believed to be best for the farmer to try to get that crop planted. Even if he needs to push into that late plant period a few days. Prevented plant soybean only provides a coverage of 60% of your guarantee, which is already a % of your production average. However, there will be some acres that are absolutely saturated and will not be able to carry the equipment until later in the year. In this situation, prevented plant is a good decision, followed by a cover crop. When fall rolls around, you will have the opportunity to plant it to wheat or some other fall crop if you desire. Be sure and check with your agent about cover crop rules and termination guidelines.

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